Hands on with Patapon on PSP

Thanks to Patapon, keeping the beat for your one-eyed monster is now socially-acceptable behaviour. Creatively blending rhythm-action and tactics, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's follow up to the inventive LocoRoco once again conjures up a totally original experience. Innovative gameplay coupled with a vibrant visual style, Patapon possesses a charm that is utterly irresistible.

The game exalts you as the almighty god of the Patapon tribe - adorable one-eyed creatures who have been driven from their ancestral land by the evil Zigotons. Marching to the beat of their god's drum, the little warriors embark on a war to retake their old home. Skirmishes between the cutesy Patapons and their Zigoton nemeses come to life in gorgeous 2D side-scrolling scenes brimming with colour and style.

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felman874564d ago

This game's gonna be great.

mighty_douche4564d ago

Getting a PSP tomorrow (pay day) and ill be picking this up on release. This type of game is exactally what a want from portable gaming, >FUN<!!

Maldread4564d ago

If Crisis Core turns out great, i`ll pick a PSP with Patapon and LocoRocko too