Cliff Bleszinski wants the next Gears of War to be less linear

Cliff Bleszinski has discussed briefly what's next for the hugely successful franchise and the things he would have done differently in the previous games in the Gears of War series.

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-GametimeUK-2519d ago

It would be brilliant if Gears could be less linear, but because of how the game plays and how the AI works in these corridor based shooters the only solution I can think of is branching corridors. Instead of following one path you the option to use 3 separate ones and this still doesn't fix the problem (if you want to call it a problem).

I would say an unlockable side campaign along the lines of the Ada story in Resi 4 would be a brilliant addition. Maybe one area of the game (a huge area) has various tasks where the outcome differs depending on what order you tackle them. Its easy to say make it less linear, but these shooting games kind of thrive off pushing you through a cinematic experience.

We will see if this can be accomplished. Maybe take a page out of Metal Gear Solids level design and try and transfer it to Gears gameplay.

hardcore19122519d ago

I remember the part where you have to obtain some parts for the submarine during chapter 4 in Gears 3, you can choose which way to go, but they could have made it much better if they made the area more open and less linear. uncharted series should ditch linearity too. Linear games are less enjoyable in my opinion.

VanillaBear2519d ago

"uncharted series should ditch linearity too. Linear games are less enjoyable in my opinion"

So you didn't enjoy Uncharted....

It's linear because thats how the story has been structured. They can't give us the same awesome story if it was like an open world game and more open.

Multiple paths in levels, fair enough but you can't expect then to create differen't possible cutscenes based on what path you took in the game.

Some games can do it right, others can't. FF13 is an example of this

gamingdroid2519d ago

I don't see a problem with linearity. In fact, non-linear games can be [email protected] too.

I love Mass Effect, but sometimes I wonder was this side mission necessary? It wasn't really enjoyable and didn't add anything to the game.

Point being, linear or non-linear doesn't matter. It is in how you craft the experience!

MaxXAttaxX2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I'm down for multiple paths in levels. But overall there's nothing wrong with linearity.
The thought of open-ness in Uncharted always get's me thinking: "and do what?". You know?

Somehow some people are starting to think that linearity = bad, as if it was a new terrible habit, which really hasn't been for many linear games over the years for as long as I can remember.

dark-hollow2519d ago

Being linear is not a con!
Its a design choice.

With linear games you know where the player is coming from so the dev can plan the enemies placements and certain events accordingly.
One of the most epic moments in video games often happen in linear games because the developer have full control of the where the enemies and where are you coming from.

That doesn't that open world games doesn't have it scripted moments but not as much as linear games.

-GametimeUK-2519d ago

I never said it was a con. Like I said I see it hard to see how they could make it non linear if they chose to (pretty much for the reason you listed just now). I like some linear games... I hardly ever use the word as a negative term. However, I do think it would be a nice change if they did introduce none linear areas into the Gears games too if it was possible to do without ruining the experience. I think Gears is fine as it is... nothing is ruining the experience... would just be interesting to see a change, that's all.

But yeah, I fully agree with your comment.

koehler832519d ago

Variable Stiffness Actuators of War?

VanillaBear2519d ago

I hope they find a way to go forward with the series instead of just relying on prequels.

I know they kept saying it was the end of Marcus story but I still would like tpo play him in the next one. You can't just throw away the main character who have been with successful fracnhises from the start, kind of like Shepard in ME, even though they said it was the last Shepard game I hope they'll still use him in the future.

I honestly thought they might of given us a secret ending like the Halo 3 one where it hints on that things aren't over just yet. We still didn't even get to find out why the Queen was human......if theres a Queen then there has to be a King. Maybe the locust developed off planet aswell which better tec, maybe they'll come back to avenge Myrrah or bring her back someway as a plot twist...........I don't know crap ideas I know but you get the point.

kma2k2519d ago

The non linear aproach hes talking about makes me think of the rookie levels in halo3 odst. They werent bad by any stretch but they werent the same as the non linear more exciting levels!

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