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I just can't see Kinect for any kind of real gaming...I mean just look at the Star Wars mess that is lol

gamingdroid2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Then you aren't looking in the right places if at all.

Fruit Ninja Kinect, Kinect Sports and Dance Central is a small selection of great games for Kinect.

Kinect voice control was pretty awesome for Mass Effect 3 and I expect Ghost Recon to be pretty nice too.

mcstorm2522d ago

I agree plus add forza 4 and halo cea to this list too.

I might pick this game up for my 360 as it looks like it could be an interesting game with the kinect side of it.

Im also looking forward to seeing fifa and nhl kinect use too as i think ea have been clever in the way they have used kinect for tw13 and its been done in a different way to other developers and i can see the same with fifa and nhl. Ive said all along kinect is a very good device and has lots lf different way it can be used but it is up to the developers to come up with the different ways. Although i did not expect ea to start leading the way with it but im all up for that lets hope they can now work on a shift game to use kinect too.

gamingdroid2521d ago


It is definitely an area of technology that is young and needs a lot of refinement to get the proper experience.

Just look at our controller evolution, from the days of knobs to 4 face buttons, 2 triggers, 2 bumpers, 2 analog sticks and a d-pad. It only took several decades!

I'm really looking forward to Ghost Recon and Project Draco (it's real title is crimson something or another).

EVILDEAD3602521d ago

'I just can't see Kinect for any kind of real gaming...I mean just look at the Star Wars mess that is lol'

LOL @ pretending Kinect Star Wars has ANYTHING to do with Tiger Woods 13. Talk about faulty logic. That's like claiming when ANY console game is bad that EVERY other game on the console MUST be the same experience.

Kinect Sport Season Two not only does golf already, but I'll put it against ANY golf game EVER as one of the funnest I've EVER played. If EA even came close to the pick and play controls that K.Sports pulled off then Tiger will finally be accessible to everyone.

I'm actually picking it up for the 360 this week. I bought the last two for the PS3 with Move. The ones before that were great on the Wii.


xGet_In_There2522d ago

I work at Best Buy and although the game is solid and fun to play, navigating the main menu and using the in game menu sucks ass. It's not as easy as Dance Central or other games where you have to "swipe". The voice controls didn't work, not sure if they deactivated it somehow because it's so loud in there. But if they did work I am sure it would be easier to use.