DUST 514: Five Things We Learned At EVE Online Fan Fest


I have never played an MMO and yet I’m going to be doing a lot of talking about DUST 514, a major collaboration between CCP Games and PlayStation to bring the first free-to-play console MMOFPS exclusively to PS3. Therefore, I took a trip to Iceland to attend the EVE Online Fanfest and start to get to know this fervent online community that PlayStation fans will soon be joining in New Eden and, of course, get the latest news on DUST 514.

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Virtual_Reality2517d ago

Interesting coverage. But PS Blog only is covering the most highlighted features and stuff.

But there is more information in the article not included. Like the engineering and different ways how they will link DUST 514 to EVE, which is something interesting coming from CCP and Sony.

From EVE Fanfest 2012.

CCP Presents, DUST 514 @58:17 and @1:19:44

DUST Seeding the Universe (pretty interesting Engineering behind DUST 514 integrated with EVE Online)

Dust Role on the Battlefield:

DUST 514 Keynote: