GameTrailers: First Take: Assassin’s Creed 3 (Video)

Shane Satterfield, Editor in Chief at GameTrailers gives his impressions of the Assassin's Creed III debut, providing tons of information about the game & all of the new gameplay features the title brings to the series in this two-part video preview.

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Chitown712912519d ago

I love Game Trailers.....

Crazyglues2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

The game sounds like it's going to be Awesome, I'm super pumped about it -But not sold just yet..

I need to see actual Game-Play and then I can add it to my list of games I'm definitely getting this fall..2012 Assassin Creed III *So Maybe* -again I'll decided for sure after I see the actual Gameplay trailer...

Here is my definitely getting list so far.. for 2012

Max Payne 3
Medal Of Honor -Warfighter
Bio-shock Infinite
Hitman Absolution
The Last Of Us
Metro Last Light
Far Cry 3

and I'll be getting these all


TekoIie2518d ago

I'm holding off on warfighter. Last one was a COD/BF clone which was used as a £40 BF3 beta. If warfighter gets the support it deserves then I'll be happy.

Crazyglues2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

@ Pekolie

Yeah I hear that, I agree with you, but I decided to take the chance on it as I am done with the Call Of Duty franchise...

so if i'm not going to get Black-Ops 2 I thought I might as well take a chance on MOH-Warfighter and just hope it turns out good.. It Looks really good.

It is using the Frostbite 2 engine so I'm thinking it should be pretty good.. -But yeah, I hope they give it the support it deserves..


Tdmd2519d ago

All kinds of awesome! Can't wait to see some gameplay, but if all of what was told in previews holds true, it's certainly a day one with loads of hype!

clarkjudo2519d ago

After revealing the story plot of answered questions at the end of AC2. I thought the story took a noise dive after that. Revealing that these "gods" or Aliens (The Ones Who Came Before) had a part in creating the first humans, Adam and Eve. Mixing truths and lies made to be fact suddenly detached me from being interested purchasing another AC game. So, here's hope that this a is afresh story dealing with Templars and such and not mixing in non sense mockery.

TekoIie2518d ago

I agree. These "alians" took away from it a little. Would rather we didnt know about them and there was just the apple and we didnt know where it came from. Still AC:R had one of the best endings in gaming history. Saying goodbye to Ezio in such a powerful way was amazing.

Wonder if Connor can rival Ezio as a valued character and how many historical figures will be in the game.

clarkjudo2517d ago

I will have to check out ending of AC:R on On the subject of endings, I am personally satisfied with ME 3's 3 choices of endings. If you have full 100% (5000 war assets) it actually unlocks alterations to the RED option cut scenes as I have observed only. My percentage was not 100% but the Red seemed to be the better of the 3. I happened to look on to find a great discovery to the RED option. Read description and watch video .. *Spoilers*-