Why I hate... the end of Mass Effect 3 (SPOILERS) |'s Tom Wallis explains why you have every right to be angry about the Mass Effect 3 ending.

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Hreroth2520d ago

1st ending - Control the Reaper, excuse me what are we doing from ME 1 to 3? Further control reaper imply that they will return in the future (Mass Effect Wiki), then what the heck make all the sacrifice in vain and waste of our 100 hrs effort for the trilogy.

2nd ending - Synthesis life. hmmm something new, but this is not what Shepard want as we can see that he say "we keep our own form". End of cycle dont make me laugh, even the geth been control by reaper once, why not the reaper control the new synthesis life just to harvest other synthesis.

3th ending - Destroy Reaper, this is more likely will be the case & emphasis since ME 1, besides Admiral Hackett also mention only dead reaper mean victory.

"There still have another way", what make Shepard need to follow this GODLY Child say, just because of Catalyst?

Never mention about the SWORD Fleet & other Normandy Crew survival instead replace with the stupid stargazer

The 3 ending with sight different only. Any article say "it is brilliant ending" perhaps the writer have TOO HIGH
intelligent even higher than the Reaper and they crawl out from white hole.

The cycle theory is to bring order to galaxy. To prevent your species been attack by synthesis life, we as reaper come to destroy you 1st before other synthesis life. when i hear this from Angry Joe Review, i laugh until almost roll on the floor.

The feeling of victory? more feel like been defeated by Reaper or perhaps we can say defeated by Bioware.

Conclusion: PLS stop throwing disappointment product (DA 2 & ME 3) to FANS, Bioware.