Mass Effect 3 Review by Gamechronicles


Mass Effect 3 wastes little time getting started. My character imported with no issues although I have heard that there are some graphical problems if you are importing a character that was original created in the very first game. I had modified my original Shepard after importing into Mass Effect 2, so that must have immunized me from these problems. Within minutes of starting the game Earth is put on alert as alien invaders descend upon the planet. The Reapers have arrived, and before Shepard can even mutter “I told you so” she is asked to once again defend the earth and save the galaxy.

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A pretty good game with a pathetic score is in the high 8's

FarCryLover1822520d ago

Fair review. Lots of minor flaws but the overall package is good. But these flaws do deduct some points off of my score.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2520d ago

yeah the ending suck, but that don't stop me3 from being great.9.5 for me, would be a 10 if the ending didn't suck a**