Mass Effect 3: don’t fear the Reapers - Review from Techcentral


A universe in crisis, galaxies in flames, and warfare on an interplanetary scale — and that’s just the fanboy fallout about the way that Bioware brings its space opera Mass Effect 3 to an end. The game itself goes to even darker places and plays for higher stakes with the universe in which Commander Shepard and his crew live.

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I really enjoyed the game even with it's clear short comings that I'm sure will get me flamed. It was a fairly decent series.

Godmars2902516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Don't know why you'd get flamed. The more and more I'm actually hearing, have actually played of the series, ME3 if not the whole trilogy should be a solid 8. That it - they - shouldn't be getting the 10s they have.

SageHonor2516d ago

Agreed, I still have fun playing the heck out of it but am not afraid to point out the flaws. The lack of tech polish alone doesnt warrant it a 10 in my book

shammgod2516d ago

It's weird, all of the initial reviews were nothing short of an 8.5 and now I see many more sub 8.5 reviews after the "ending sucks" fiasco. Can People not think for themselves? Are they a bunch of robots? Jump on the ending sucks bandwagon or get the F out huh?

undercovrr2516d ago

Actually, what you are saying points to the fact that the early so called 'reviewers' did not finish the game, or if they did, they were not as invested in the mass effect series to care about the ending. And yes..the ending sucks.