Sony, Nintendo See Shares Slump

A combination of continuing global financial uncertainty, concerns over exports, and the weak dollar saw the Tokyo Stock Exchange suffer a 4.5 per cent fall today.

That had a knock-on effect for the two videogames giants, Sony and Nintendo, both companies that have a significant portion of their overall business performance tied up in the US.

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Daz4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Sounds bad, im no good on this crap lol.

killer_trap4036d ago

let me put simply to does sound bad.

now can anyone explain.

Daz4036d ago

This explains it better then that load of old crap lol.

nanometric4036d ago

have mercy!

P.S. i could get past the headline :D

caffman4036d ago

after MS reported profits

wiizy4036d ago

i can understand sony.. why nintendo....wii killing them

Jinxstar4036d ago

I'm no expert but I feel tat nintendo makes its money off periferals and such. i.e. wii fit pad and stuff like that. If wii fit bombs... They lose money. If they can't sell 4 controllers and 4 nunchuks and some classic controllers to people then... Well. Their big market will take a small hit. They have always been experimental. Virtual boy(Bombed hard), Power glove(Waste) they even had that big bazooka thing(SNES Days) that they used for like 2 games.... Might be why they took a hit... Tried something that failed. They can afford it though. I feel one of these days wii will become like the Dreamcast. not that it will fail or anything but the fad will drop hard and sales will become a crawl after people realize there are so few games they wanna play... Not that I am an expert but yeah. Demand wont be there forever. Its a cheap gimmick. Don't get me wrong I enjoy my wii a lot but I still feel this way...

socomnick4036d ago

I have that huge bazooka as a child I remember having a robot game for it.

MK_Red4036d ago

It's kinda strange to see it happen to Nintendo shares considering huge and worldwide success of Wii and DS.

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