Debunk: Xbox Live was down, but not due to DDoS attack

Engadget writes:

"The obvious answer as to why Xbox Live has been up and down (but mostly down) over the last couple of weeks is, of course, that the service has undergone a massive distributed denial of service attack. (Feel free to blame the illusory Sony / Nintendo fanboys, if you must.) Naturally, we're already starting to see some of those rumors catch hold, in no small part due to the fact that while GM of Xbox Live Marc Whitten did offer a free game for peoples' trouble in his public memo a few hours ago, he didn't speak to the cause of the outages"

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Cyan83134033d ago

1.8 million xbox 360's was sold during december. Everyone gets a free 1 month gold trial. And moast would have gotten it on the 25'th or a bit before maybe.

TheHater4033d ago

Actually, I have to disagree with you. Out of that 1.8 millions units sold, only about half got on Xbox live. I for one didn't even set up my live account yet, and I got mine three days ago. Out of 16+ million xbox360 units sold, there is only 8+ million live users. Which is half of they total. Many parents buy these system for their kids, and they don't even know about Xbox live, or Don't want to play 50 dollars a year. Hell it might even be that they don't have an High Speed Connection.
I personally think that it was there was a bug in their codding for the xbox live software or their was a something wrong with their server.

sajj3164033d ago

Its called not planning well for a barage of new customers... Why the heck would MS offer anything as consolation if it was a DDoS attack? I would not apologize unless I was responsible.

gta_cb4033d ago

its bad publicity, if it was or wasnt their fault they need to appear as though they care :)