New & gorgeous Project CARS Community Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Slightly Mad Studios released some new, gorgeous community screenshots of their racing sim game, Project CARS. As always, Project CARS looks amazing and we really feel the need to remind you that these shots are pure in-game images. No photomode, no additional post-processing effects. What you see here is what you get."

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hellzsupernova2516d ago

this game looks insaine!
Is there damage?! customisation? must buy gaming pc!!!! ahh

Skate-AK2516d ago

Idk why this got accepted with just PC tags. Its coming to consoles also.

john22516d ago

Officially coming only on the PC (at the moment, despite their wish to bring it to consoles too)

Letros2516d ago

It will be a different product, the PC version is a f2p game.

specialguest2516d ago

Why would it be any other tag besides PC? Even if the game officially becomes multiplatform, this post is specifically about new PC screenshots , not general news about the game.