Devil May Cry 4: Sparkling Visuals, Smooth Framerate, Solid action & Polished

GameSpy writes:
"Even though 2007 has now come to a close, the flood of upcoming games hasn't slowed much. Devil May Cry 4 is one of early 2008's hottest titles, and we've spent quite a bit of time tinkering with it during our holiday break. On second thought, "tinker" is a tad gentle. We've slain demons, hacked and slashed through gates, and collected red orbs until our eyes were red. Based on what we've played of the first five levels, fans of the series are in for a treat."

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MK_Red4036d ago

2008 will be the ultimate action adventure showdown between Dante and Ryu.
Ninja Gaiden 2 vs Devil May Cry 4. If only God of War 3 could make it in 2008.

MK_Red4036d ago

I'm a huge DMC fan but DMC2 proved that even mighty Capcom can screw up it's big games and in case of DMC, I'll wait for reviews before my purchase or at least some kind of demo / hands-on.

ThaGeNeCySt4036d ago

I won't argue that, but i'm a HUGE capcom fanboy, and I eat up whatever they throw at me :( (yes, even street fighter 2 ex)

MK_Red4036d ago

The only company that I loved and followed like that is(was) Black Isle(RIP) and to some degree, publisher Interplay.
Now I don't trust any of publishers. Among the devs, I have absolute faith Criterion followed by Obsidian and DoubleFine.
Others that I do follow the most are Ubisoft Montreal, Lionhead, Bethesda and BioWare.

heyheyhey4036d ago

ubisoft montreal eh well me too but that went down the drain after AC- i bought it without reading reviews or anything, i will be careful when it comes to AC2

MK_Red4036d ago

lol, AC is actually one of the reasons I love them so much. I really REALLY enjoyred AC and consider it one of the best games of 2007.

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DarkSniper4036d ago

Devil May Cry has achieved many accomplishments throughout it's tenure on the PlayStation 2. Dark Sniper forsees this trend to continue with Devil May Cry 4 receiving exclusive content for the PLAYSTATION 3® version.

With the hardware structure of the XBOX 360, Dark Sniper fully expects the XBOX 360 port of this game to suffer through extensive, long and strenuous loading times with frequent glitches and poor framerate to boot. Thus making the PS3 version of Devil May Cry the de-facto copy to receive to satisfy the Devil May Cry enthusiast.