The Club demo to hit Live soon

360 and non-UK PS3 owners will soon be able to download the demo of The Club, developer Bizarre Creations has announced.

Although no specific release date was mentioned, Bizarre Creations community and web lead Ben Ward told the Bizarre Creations forum, "The Xbox 360 demo will be coming very soon. It's a staggered launch for all of the regions, and we're currently waiting on SEGA to confirm the exact dates. Same goes for all other PS3 regions outside of the UK. Will let you all know as soon as we do."

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Barreldragon004032d ago

It was OK, wasn't great, wasn't bad, just OK.

Rama262854032d ago

Is this a historic moment in time?? Not only did the UK PSN store get something before the US PSN store, but did we get something before XBL?

I agree with Barreldragon00, this game is good but nothing special for me to go out and buy over all the great games coming out. I need to be a little selective with so many games and so little money!! lol

rushbd4032d ago

The demo isnt out for Live yet??!! shocker for a paid system.

at least the games isnt that good.

mikeslemonade4032d ago

Yep we got the Simpsons and The Club first. The Club has potential to be a great game just because of the camera perspective that makes the game seem fresh.

Zhuk4032d ago

Hopefully this will be another AAA title on the Xbox 360

DarkSniper4032d ago

More than likely on PLAYSTATION 3®.

EZCheez4032d ago

Haven't played the demo. The game has a good concept but it's really flawed. The graphics are nothing to brag about, and when it comes to games that involve shooting guns, there is nothing more important than making it easy to aim for the player. That's where this game FAILS (demo anyways). The target reticle is hard to see when you're moving and all it consists of is little white lines.

I wish some developers would realize just how important a good target reticle can improve a game. This game would definitely benefit from one.

I downloaded the demo from my EU account and I deleted it about an hour later.

Phaqutomb4032d ago

the demo took more time to download and a lot less time to delete. i will not buy this game. Zhuk can keep this game if he thinks its going to be an AAA title. do your self a favor and download the demo when it comes out on live and you will see how AAA it is.

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