Remedy: ‘No plans to do more episodes of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare’

The Alan Wake franchise is still relatively young in the videogames industry. Just one retail release and a single downloadable title, and yet the studio behind these releases already has grand plans for further instalments. Sadly, at present, it would seem that further episodes of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – while not ruled out entirely – are not yet green lit for production.

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tigertron2516d ago

I'll be more than happy with Alan Wake 2.

gillri2516d ago

they mean episodes of Night Springs surely?

paydayp2516d ago

there is a option for dlc in the menu of AW: american wasteland. So is that for nothing or are they keeping quiet?

it did well for a arcade game didn't it?

mathsman2516d ago

DLC is one thing, extra episodes is another...