Legend of Grimrock hits Steam and other digital services on April 11th, pre-orders are now available

DSOGaming writes: "Almost Human, the indie developer “more human than most”, announced today that their monster infested, mind bending, trap filled and lovingly crafted dungeon opens its doors for brave explorers on April 11th when Legend of Grimrock is released. The first-person dungeon exploration game, created with a passion and strongly inspired by Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Lands of Lore and Ultima Underworld, is Almost Human’s first title and it packs together over 30 years of combined game development experience of the four man team."

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Letros2521d ago

Day 1, there hasn't been a game like this in years!

john22521d ago

True.dat. This should be an instant buy for all old-school PC RPG fans

flakko2520d ago

Lol I thought this was a transformers game

theeg2517d ago

just pre ordered from the devs!!!


this looks so tasty :)