Rumor: IMDb lists Steve’s voice actor as returning in Resident Evil 6

Rely on Horror: "According to the site, Sam Riegel will be returning in Resident Evil 6 to reprise his role as Steve Burnside."

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Panaru2519d ago

Cool. If he didn't actually die in Code Veronica, I'll take this chance to finish off that whiny brat in RE6.

Kyosuke_Sanada2519d ago


Still one of the funniest lines I've heard in Resident Evil: Code Veronica other than his energetic intro line, "Hi my name is Steve!"....

VanillaBear2518d ago

See I don't understand why they don't bring more classic RE characters back

I know RE6 dosen't look it's going to go back to what RE was all about but at least it could of used old characers instead of making pointless new ones

For example Leons about if Rebbeca Chambers made a return instead, what about Chris partner it could of been Barry Burton.....even the new character could of been Billy