Surfer Girl on Peter Jackson's Halo: Chronicles, Rare's 360 title, Saboteur & More

1) Those who purchase Halo Wars will be treated to an exclusive sneak peak of Peter Jackson's Halo: Chronicles ala Zone of the Enders and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
2) That previously-mentioned virtual recreation of an existent earthquake from Eidos is called Downfall: San Francisco and takes place following the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906.
3) Saboteur is shaping up to be absolutely amazing, best WWII game in awhile likely.

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MK_Red4034d ago

Hopefully that Rare game turns out to be Killer Instinct 3. Figers crossed.

predator4034d ago

i was just gona say that what it is and the arcade is Killer Instinct 1 or 2 go with the launch of KI 3, one only hopes

MK_Red4034d ago

It's funny how Rare could make so many great games like Killer Instinct 3, Banjoo Kazooie, Kameo 2, Perfect Dark 2 and such but isn't doing much that is known (Hopefully they've been working on a lot of stuff in secrecy).

Dark_Vendetta4034d ago

They always work "in secrecy", that's also why they don't want to give us a release date of Banjo Kazooie(or even release any screenshots). I really hope they work on KI3 (I think this one is already in development because I've read a few posts in the forums and there was a question to RARE if the christmas card would give a hint to the next game, and one of the guys who has to answered this questions said "Yes". Damn I hope you can understand this sentence) and Kameo2. Don't know about PD2 because I didn't play the first one, but a lot of people were disappointed by this title

BloodySinner4034d ago

That Xbox 360 Rare game is probably Banjo... and the XBLA titles might be Killer Instinct 1 & 2 or some other old school Rareware title.

MK_Red4034d ago

Dark_Vendetta, people were disappointed in Perfect Dark Zero. I'm not talking about sequel to that. I want sequel to the classic original, N64's Perfect Dark.

gogators4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

we might get Goldeneye for XBLA. Rare has been really quiet lately. I have Kameo, but never finished it. Anyone know if it was worth finishing? In between my new found love for Shadowrun, I was either going to complete Kameo or get started on Eternal Sonata.

Dark_Vendetta4034d ago

I would complete Kameo. I had so much fun with this game. It's maby a little bit short, but worth it's money. I can't say which one is better because I didn't play Eternal Sonata, but you'll see if you play Kameo for the first hours you'll love it. I felt disappointed at the beginning, but after loosing all my "power", (as I already said it) I loved it.

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Devr4034d ago

I'm pumped for Saboteur. Assassin's Creed in WWII? Yes please.

MK_Red4034d ago

Agreed, that would be really awesome. Plus, there are Okami elements as the Nazi infested areas are usually colorless and lifeless but become livly as we help resistance :)
Some parts of game looked like Sin City with black and white theme with few colors like red used for SS marks and such.

heyheyhey4034d ago

i still dont get what halo chronicles is what is it?

MK_Red4034d ago

Nothing is known about it. More than a year ago it was announced that Peter Jackson is working on a unique and different Halo game and that's all we know.

FirstknighT4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Whoa...first I heard of Halo: Chronicles. I wonder if this is the RPG/shooter they were talking about doing at one time. I enjoyed all of Rare's 360 offerings with Kameo being my favorite. Rare definitely has a fantastic track record this time around with the 360. All of their games has averaged over 80% with 2 games selling over a million each.

Vojkan4034d ago

I hope you are not serious. RARE has been Microsofts laughing stock. It is not same RARE that worked for Nintendo, those guys are long gone. MS gave 400 million USD for name RARE. It is a joke.

Zhuk4034d ago

RARE is undoubtedly one of the greatest development studios on the planet, with around 5 dev teams working on AAA titles for the Xbox 360 at all times.

I can't wait for the sequels to great games like Kameo, Viva Pinata, Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct and Banjo Kazooie

PirateThom4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Seriously, none of the 360 games Rare have produced have been great (Kameo is ok, Perfect Dark Zero is like a cruel joke, Viva Pinata is good, but only good), the main talent of Rare left and formed Free Radical. Why do you think Nintendo sold their stake in them?

Rare now and the Rare that made Goldeneye and Perfect Dark and Donkey Kong Country might as well be two different studios.

I'm not saying they're a bad studio, but their ability to make AAA is in question.

Vojkan4034d ago

Why do i have a feeling that Peter Jackson's Halo: Chronicles is going to suck?
I remember him from X06 when he tried to explain it. He was unable to do that.IS it even a game?

The Dark Knight4034d ago

Maybe because he didnt want to give away the game dumbass

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