SOE appoints AP reporter Matt Slagle as PR manager - Mark Androvich, 03/01/2008:

Sony Online Entertainment has appointed Matt Slagle to the newly-created role of public relations manager.

As the national technology and business reporter for The Associated Press, Slagle covered industry features, financial and product news for Fortune 500 technology companies.

More recently, he led the AP's national videogame coverage, including reviews and industry features.

Slagle will work directly with SOE Austin, the studio responsible for Star Wars Galaxies as well as the upcoming DC Universe MMO.

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heyheyhey4563d ago

thank god PR was sony's weak point- i mean phil harrison was a nice guy and everything but there were times when he disgraced the whole playstation legacy- im hoping this will fix sony's problems with advertising and speeches and stuff like that

Darkiewonder4563d ago

Not SCE in general. this is the MMO side of Sony ^^
Phil did most of the talking about the playstation brand, not much on the MMO side.

aggh im on fire4563d ago

He's going to have to go a long way to top Phils entertaining quotes, of Microsofts Ex Peter Moore.... i just love it when PR guys talk crap.