Robert Bowling quits Call of Duty and Activision, but why?

Product Reviews: "Not only did he announce his intention to resign as Creative Strategist for Call of Duty and as a lead for Infinity Ward, he also confirmed that he was resigning as an employee of Activision too. So what has prompted this abrupt statement from Bowling?

Has he decided that the franchise is taking a turn for the worse, or has he been tempted by a new project which he plans to be a part of? Either way, we’re guessing that we’ll hear more on this before the end of the week. Is it worth mentioning Respawn Entertainment in any of this as well? Don’t forget that this is the new company formed by the two ex-Infinity Ward leads Jason West and Vince Zampella, so it will be interesting to see if they have managed to prize another key member of the original IW team away from Activision’s grasp."

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Newsman2519d ago

Robert who? Forgotten already.

TekoIie2519d ago Show
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Thatguy-3102518d ago

Next stop RESPAWN's company ;)

SuperBeast8112518d ago

No Abbie Heppi from G4tv already has that job

AC130-Gunship2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Robert had a baby on the way I believe when Activision's mutiny of Infinity Ward took place. I'm glad he has the opportunity to leave now. The COD franchise ended at MW2. He was an effective spokesperson for the build up to MW2 and great community manager for MW.

Much luck to you Robert and thanks. You made MW an exciting experience pre MW3.

E3 09: MW2 Story & Gameplay Interview:

E3 09: MW2 Microsoft Press Conference Stage Demo

Gaming1012518d ago

It's not up to him as a developer to decide whether DLC is free or not, and no one is going to fire anyone for making that suggestion, this is complete crap if anyone believes it. It's Activision - the publisher - who decides the timing, pricing and release dates of DLC, and they give the orders to the devs to make it happen, not the other way around.

morkendo232518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

prabaly tired of same crap over and over shoot,kill,re-load,shoot kill,re-load,shoot,kill,reload war games.

synchroscheme2518d ago

Probably tired of all the s*** he gets daily from 12 year old children. Who could blame him?

ATi_Elite2518d ago


It gets really boring selling 20 million units of a game every year! Just when you have broken in the Leather on your Ferrari "Boom" it's November and time to go buy another one!

Maybe Robert wants to take all his money and build a submarine and go to the deepest part of the ocean and test the 4G service on his iPhone while the subs arm wears a Rolex watch!

who knows? will be waiting to hear his reasons why!

Deputydon2518d ago

The funny part, he works for a company owned by activision, which means he probably gets paid the same as a member of the team that made Journey. Something tells me activision doesn't pay that well unless you work directly for activision, and not a developer for them.

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Pandamobile2519d ago

I didn't like that man at all.

JeffGUNZ2518d ago

Why? He was a paid employee who did his job well. It's obvious he will be joining respawn and stayed with this company to bank in on COD. He probably sees that the fad will be running low soon and bailed at the right time. It's foolish you don't like this man for his job.

StayStatic2518d ago

Indeed , the crap activision they try to pull towards the PC & PS3 platforms is disgraceful imo , not surprised he's gone else where.

narked2518d ago

He was great at his job. I don't like the route Call of Duty and Activision are taking but this guy was good at his job. He was in charge of customer relations and from what I see he was good at it.

Soldierone2518d ago

I think people are mad at him because basically his job make him the target of criticism when Activision does something stupid. "Ps3 Elite is still late? WTF Bowling!!!" stuff like that.

I see it all the time. He takes hate and blame for stuff that isn't even in his control.

TekoIie2518d ago


He gave us this quote which rivals "riiiiiiiidge RACER" he has earnt my respect from that alone.

tr00p3r2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Must be a tough job dealing with all the abusive Tweets from the kids day in day out. Kinda feel sorry for the guy. Be interesting to see where he ends up next.

modesign2519d ago

call of duty will blow 2 foot sausage starting now.

NarooN2518d ago

It's been doing that for some years now.

AusRogo2519d ago

Probably sick of getting abused the shit out of. He kept his cool even through all that, respect for him there. I hope he finds somewhere better

NellyNel_7_1_32519d ago

he will trust me finding something else should not be that hard for him

snipes1012518d ago

Probably took a break before he had a mental breakdown like that guy from invisible children haha.