Shedding Light on One of PS3's Grittiest Games: Dark Sector

The surprise isn't that developer Digital Extreme's action thriller is a Resident Evil 4 rip-off - after all, they've made a career of 'borrowing' from other games, most notably Pariah on Xbox, a blatant Halo clone - but that Dark Sector looks so polished, despite being wonky at best only six months earlier. Even the plot feels familiar: Lead man Hayden Tenno (a dead ringer for Leon) blasts and hacks his way through the fictional eastern European city of Lasria. Then there's the mysterious Technocytes disease killing off the locals, which you can liken to RE's T-Virus. But if Dark Sector manages to deliver half the thrills of its mentor then we're in for a treat.

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MK_Red4573d ago

This game should win the "Borrow" award. Resident Evil 4, Gears of War, MGS4, Rygar and more.
Hopefully it's indeed as polished and fun as GR says.

Bonsai12144573d ago

this game has been delayed for years now. i remember it was touted as the first next gen game when the first trailer came out. then it just dropped off the map

MK_Red4573d ago

The original was more of a futuristic stealth game with Unreal and Halo elements. It's really different now.

HarryEtTubMan4573d ago

lol he said despite being "wonky" 6 months ago.

The 360 has problems.... does that mean I can call it the Wonkybox?

MK_Red4573d ago

While Pariah did borrow a lot from Halo, I think Digital Extreme's other FPS title for Xbox is the biggest Halo rip-off. Don't remember it's name but it had a War in it. Warpath which, funny enough, Digital Extremes has removed from it's own sites even though they developed it.

Scarfy4573d ago

... I'm looking forward to chucking that spiky frisbee of his at the baddies :)

Got my copy pre-ordered at :D

fopums4573d ago

I cant remember, was dark sector originaly a PS3 title? I know dev's are getting better, but I dont want this one to be another shoddy port for the PS3 OR for some reason nerfed on the 360.

looks like a blast for both systems

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