Gaming's Biggest Wimps

Gamedaily writes:

"Heroes often possess unshakeable confidence, bulging biceps or in Lara Croft's case, heaving cleavage. They thrust themselves into danger without much thought, their only goal to save humanity from unspeakable horrors or just the average, innocent looking goomba. But not everyone can be Gears of War's Marcus Phoenix or Resident Evil's Chris Redfield. The following wimps, "girly men" if you will, manage to hog the spotlight despite their inability to turn coal into diamonds with their bare hands."

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Maddens Raiders4030d ago

just like his girly friend Luigi?

M_Prime4030d ago

2 reasons..

the most important reason is because MARIO IS AWSOME and is never scared.. even if he seems so.. he still fights everything and kicks its butt..

but mostly cause you touch yourself at night.

mintaro4030d ago

eggman is a douche, but luigi is awesome, twice the hero mario is

moses4027d ago

All main characters from Jrpgs?