Skyrim is the Wrong Place to Look for Dragon Age III Inspiration

Kotaku - So, for those of you who aren't aware, BioWare's been cooking up a bit of a storm over the past week with the news that they canceled a planned expansion pack to Dragon Age II (Because honestly, lol) and are now working on a full blown game. This news was met with optimism as they opened a thread asking for "Feedback" on what players would like to see changed/fixed in Dragon Age III from DAII/Dragon Age: Origins. I do believe Luke even posted a story alerting us to it (editor's note: yep, he did).

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NYC_Gamer2518d ago

The whole Bioware team should replay all of their classic gems and relearn what an rpg is about.

dktxx22518d ago

I don't think Bioware is the real problem.

Son_Lee2518d ago

Yup. EA is definitely the problem here.

Captain Qwark 92517d ago

agreed, or even look at blizzard. skyrim is not the place to look though, skyrim is a dumbed down version of its former self to appeal to a more casual crowd, and they did exactly that with DA2.

they need to make the game deep and use games such as diablo, swkotor, jade empire ( this would actually be perfect for the DA series ), the witcher 2, dark souls, etc

SolidGear32518d ago

DA2 kicked ass .. Don't change a thing

thelion2518d ago

EA/Bioware! I really couldn't care less any more. I have decided to vote with my wallet and never purchase another one of their games again.

Nerdmaster2517d ago

I'll only buy DA3 after reading many, many opinions about the game six months after the release. Never again pre-buying a BioWare game like I did with DA2.

corrus2514d ago

Bioware are just puppets on EA