Street Fighter X Tekken ~Review by Playstation Edge~

Review written by: Miskat Choudhury
Version Reviewed: PS3

As a big fighting game fan, when news broke out that both Capcom and Namco Bandai, the makers of my two favourite fist launchers, were undertaking the challenge of mixing their games, I was overjoyed. As a bonus, not only were they going to release one game, but two! Both developers are creating their own version or take on the cross over. I’d only dreamed such things. Expectedly, I was looking forward to both of these games, and now that Capcom has released their creation, I’ve been able to play what should have been my dream game.

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Smashbro292521d ago

This reviewer is clueless! The online is the best for a fighter yet! Rollback! Just like we wanted! And yes, it is more important than the sound. The load times also fly by if you just install the game. Genius!