Turok Demo Disc Gameplay and Cutscene Video

Gaming Bits - By Alexis Morgenstern, Thursday, 03 January 2008:

Turok is about a month away from release for the Xbox 360 and PS3. While a playable demo hasn't been released on Xbox LIVE or the Playstation Store, a playable demo disc is available from retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy with a $5 deposit. In addition to the demo disc, GameStop offers a Turok T-shirt, while Best Buy offers a Turok beanie.

Below is a video showing a few of the highlights of gameplay and cutscenes on the demo disc. The demo disc has about 20 minutes or so of gameplay.

Turok is scheduled for a February 5, 2008 release on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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CeruleanSky4031d ago

To paraphrase the video:

"really really shîtty, this game sucks"

Another Unreal Engine disaster.

Marceles4031d ago

Eh...I'll wait for reviews and word-of-mouth to help my decision. This video didn't sell me that well

Jdash244031d ago going to wait til they release the demo on xbl and/or psn to decide if i want this game or not

HarryEtTubMan4031d ago

see this goes to show you... notice how this game looks when its dark... Killzone 2 looks WAYYYY better... and I've been reading the developers blog and Killzone2 is gonna have alot of environments...although they said the game will have the ultra gritty Killzone mood. I think this game is going to be pretty good...just pretty good.(Unreal Engine is being used too much now.)

dragunrising4030d ago

The article is about Turok. How about you talk about something pertaining to the discussion. Everyone loves your mindless fanboyism (sarcasm).

Flying_Squirrel4030d ago

I was excited about this game when it was first announced but having seen the latest movies, I'll also be waiting for the reviews and a demo before deciding.

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