First Review: Sony OLED TV

By David Richards, 04/01/2008:

Smart House today got an exclusive First Look at the new OLED TV technology from Sony and it is impressive. The first thing one notice's is the dramatic improvement in OLED screen quality. It sharper the colours richer and there appears to be a smoother flow of the image across the screen.

Pros: This is one very sleek unit. In fact almost everything is irrelevant to the quality of the OLED panel and the sheer thin width of the screen and in both cases they are the best TV picture Smart House has ever seen on a TV screen.

Cons: The weakness of this early unit is the control buttons and the lack of flexibility in the arm that links the ulta thin screen with the base control unit.

Product rating: 4 stars out of 5

The full three-page review covers the TV's design, features, functions, price (in the USA), and size and weight.

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Shaka2K64033d ago

Sony is the most innovative company with the hottest products in the world, period.

snoop_dizzle4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

....why not just buy a 40" bravia for basically the same price for now and wait until bigger oled tvs come out and price drop?

11 inches is very small.

Mr Marbles4032d ago

2500 to 3grand for 11 inches!!! that is insane, wtf are you going to do with it, it is too small even for a laptop monitor! You are a brain washed moron to buy something just cuz you worship Sony, heck, you did see that two other companies are showing off larger OLED screens didn't you?

travelguy2k4032d ago

that the only negative about this T.V. is the stand, and they doc a star for it. I guess another negative could be the price. But as far as new tech. goes.."you gotta pay to play".

PlayStation3604032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

as I do agree with the price tag being too high, (and really disagree with the name calling). I, however, see the Sony's version of the OLED tv's being better than the Samsung's.

Samsung's contrast ratio = 5,000:1 at the moment.

Sony's contrast ratio = 1,000,000:1

So yes they are more expensive, I'm not getting one til the price drops and the size grows, but other OLED tv's are not as good as Sony's. Best to stick with an LCD, Plasma, or better yet, IMHO, SED (when/if they ever get released) at the moment :P

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Marceles4033d ago

$2,200 for an 11" screen? Wow...I'm scared to see the 30" price, but I bet PS3 games look incredible on it

Shaka2K64032d ago

As usuall Sony products are to expensive for poor xbots like you.

no offence.

Shadow Flare4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

he's not an xbot shaka. You can usually tell one by the amount of disagrees they get

Marceles4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I'm an xbot for thinking $2,200 is too much for an 11" TV? lol...damn thats the first time i've ever been called that, I even have Tobal No. 1 as my icon haha and I even said how amazing PS3 games must look on it...I own all 3 systems with over 10 games for each and PS3 being the system I own the most games for...I didnt even buy an xbox until October and I've had my PS3 since launch, I've even been part of the Sony GAP since 2003...I seriously dont know how you came to that conclusion that I'm a poor bought because I have to pay $2,200 for a TV that would look good in my car lol...that's my laugh for the day

Thanks for clearing that up btw Shadow, bubble

HarryEtTubMan4032d ago

I just really REALLY want a XBR Bravia that is 40 inches.

Marceles4032d ago

Me too, maybe there is a good side to this TV coming out: the prices of Bravias might drop

IntelligentAj4032d ago

LED's are still too expensive for the main market but they are getting there. It may seem expensive but i'm the picture quality s superb(due in some part to the LED's)

unlimited4032d ago

very expensive..ill get one the price drops..

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The story is too old to be commented.