PODcast - Can a Good Story Save a Bad Game?

Pixels or Death's Joseph Rush writes, "We talk about ThatGameCompany ending their exclusivity with Sony. Then, it’s all about story as we debate whether a bad story can ruin a technically sound game or a great story can give a buggy game a boost. Plus, we’ve got all the Beds and Jars you can ask for! Straight from the Cayman Islands!"

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Army_of_Darkness2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Enslaved sucked! ugly and broken.

FinaLXiii2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

enslaved = good story?

just no... its an average mumbo jumbo adventure story in saturday morning cartoon style.

Heavenly Sword in the other hand a good story followed by an 30fps stiff and crappy gameplay.

coolbeans2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I thought Heavenly Sword had very good gameplay overall. The team did a considerable job of using the SixAxis.

jthamind2521d ago

you read my mind about Heavenly Sword. i wouldn't say the gameplay was bad, but it was very underwhelming. the story, setting, characters and graphics, however, made the game very memorable for me.

eon02521d ago

I think the character interaction in Enslaved is better than any other game so far. If you consider that as part of the story, then I think it easily saves the game from some of its faults.

hazelamy2521d ago

i think with youtube, people aren't going to put up with a bad game just for the story, not when they can watch the whole thing online.

eon02520d ago

Yeah, but there's investment in the story that you have to take into consideration. People spend dozens of hours with a game, meaning they have a bigger stake in what's going on in the story. You can't really get that with YouTube. Looking up the cutscenes to FFVII isn't going to mean as much to someone who hasn't spent 50 hours with those characters.