Looking back at 2007 - Five things Ars Technica hated and loved; GOTY

January 2, 2008 -- Ars Technica takes a look back at some of the things they loved about 2007, and some of the things they hated. Then it's time to crown their 2007 game of the year. It was a hard choice, but in good years it always is.

Five things Ars Technica hated in 2007:
• Talking about Manhunt 2
• Exclusives coming to the PlayStation 3 to die
• Gerstmann gets fired
• Wii games are mostly crap
• Your Xbox 360 does not work

Five things Ars Technica loved in 2007:
• The PS3 Multimedia Functions
• Everyone is playing games!
• Portal
• Penny Arcade Expo
• Good, inexpensive downloadable games are here to stay

Game of the year: Rock Band

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felman874036d ago

HS which sold over 700,000?
Uncharted which sold over 700,000?
R&C whi9ch sold over 600,000?

Perhaps they are referring to Lair, TC4 and UT3. (Only one of those didn't deserve its poor numbers.