Official Message from Marc Whitten on Xbox Live

This is an official letter from the GM of Xbox Live that addresses some of the issues occuring on Live. Check it out and see what you think.

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Forbidden_Darkness4031d ago

1. You must have already downloaded over 20 xbox live games.
2. You must own halo 2.5 and gears of war and have played both of them online for atleast 100 hours.
3. The game must cost under 800 microsoft points.

These are official, because you know them cheap [email protected] at M$ want your money. The offer begins febuary 1st for gold members and one week later for silver members. You will have until the third monday in febuary to collect your free game, otherwise your out of luck.

Yeah they said everyone, but they only really care about the gold members, so cough up the 50 bucks if you want microsoft to care about you. Also when they said around the clock, they didnt tell you that they were sleep on the job half the time, because you know M$ always half-a$$'s everything.

BloodySinner4031d ago

... and since when were Silver members capable of playing online?

Led Zeppelin4031d ago

Don't you have anything better to do than troll topics?

i Shank u4031d ago

are you always this pissed off at faceless corporations with whom you have no association with? waste of time

power of Green 4031d ago

This is a DUP story.

Some started Xmas shopping before ThanksGiving and people these day do shopping after Xmas(deals, late paydays or things out of stock). People unwraped their gifts a few days ago and WAM!!!! 3 to 5 million people all at once in only a few days. lol

Good Job MSFT. Honestly I think they did better than they thought they would.

i Shank u4031d ago

with the holiday time, it was expected to have some trouble; personally i didnt have much trouble connecting, so they did a good job in my eyes; but i also have to consider that Sony was in a similar situation with their free PSN, and they had no problems with whatever influx they got. MS needs to step it up some

joemomma4031d ago

Talk about self contridiction.....

WilliamRLBaker4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

you obviously didn't learn vocab in school now did u?

Success=completion of a goal and or wanted end result.

They had more members sign up then ever before...thats a success...damn sony fanboy.

Edit: i wish i had 3 accounts to disagree with people but i actually have a life and only have 1 account.

joemomma4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Yes but the service is broken. That means they do not have success of any record.

notsonice4031d ago

One bubble left for every disagree... woops now you have 4 disagrees...

Well at least MS is talking to its customers, even if its a load of ... Sony isn`t exactly great on community relations.

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