Why GAME collapsed


Administrators at PwC have blamed GAME Group's collapse on its "ambitious" overseas expansion and the "unfortunate" close proximity of its stores.

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iamnsuperman2518d ago

Personally they just couldn't compete with supermarkets on the highstreet and online (online only) retailers like Amazon

LackTrue4K2518d ago

"Simple, bad foundation"

BigBoss19642518d ago

Their years of bullshit finally caught up with them, good riddance

Dovahkiin2518d ago

Last week they wouldn't sell me a copy of halo reach because THEY couldn't find the box in the stock room. When i asked why, they said if someone ELSE found the box a week later they wouldn't be able to buy the game... so I wasn't able to buy a game because there would be a chance that someone else may want it... Goodbye GAME.

Reborn2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Onyoursistersback said it.

GAME Group just failed to do a good job. Now their employees will pay the price. They acquired Gamestation, and could've easily played with prices. Why didn't they try use their online presence to compete with the likes of ShopTO, Amazon, etc. Instead, they were using it to compete with high street. Which is what their stores there should have been for.

Mainly, the fact that pre-owned = more expensive than new, Old games = same price as just released. They were insane..

GAME screwed itself over.

Kurisu2518d ago

I was in store a few days ago and they had a used copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss for £42, yet they sold it brand new on their website for £37.99. Their pricing model was...questionable.

2518d ago