UK retailer Game done in by digital distribution - Notch


Minecraft creator Markus Persson says United Kingdom specialty store's undoing an "unfortunate side effect" of digital distribution.

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PirateThom2518d ago

Hey, Notch, way to be completely wrong.

Optical_Matrix2518d ago

Wrong. To everyone of my fellow british countrymen, we know the real cause. And that's online retail. Sites like Amazon and Shopto have been eating away at high street market share for a good few years now. Shopto offer a better reward service with their points, slightly cheaper prices and usually get products to you a day or two before release, every time without fail. Not to mention their console launch bundles, for Vita especially were unmatched.

GAME chose to ride the casual wave far too strong when the Wii came out. Their stock and general customer in take catered for and consisted of casual gamers. When they got bored with their Wii's and flocked to iPads and Smartphones, GAME were always going to be f*cked, quite frankly.