Japanese Chart for Week Ending 30th December 2007

VGChartz reports for the week ending Dec 30th in Japan the Hardware sales were as follows:

Wii: 352,766 (+41%)
DS: 259,892 (-16%)
PSP 200,838 (+18%)
PS3: 57,906 (+4%)
PS2: 20,946 (-7%)
360: 7,022 (-15%)

Interesting Side note:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 360 sold: 23,694
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PS3 sold: 20,802

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Cyrus3654570d ago

What I found interesting,

While all around the world all hardware makers for the most part are seeing declines, in Japan, Wii increased it sales by significant amount. PSP saw some modest gains.

Between 360 and PS3, 360 version of Call of Duty sold more in japan, with a fraction of userbase, and was the highest selling software in this week between 360 and Ps3, even outselling GT Prologue (Although GT Prologue sales don't include online downloads, only retail sales). Still who would though that? I realize GT prologue is a nice demo essentially, and when GT 5 comes out, it'll sell way better, but still, I'd venture to guess everyone figured COD 4 would sell better on PS3 than 360.

TANOD4570d ago

PS3 consumers in Japan are Japanese and x360 consumers are foreigners living there

Oblivion sold more on x360 than PS3

However Bladestorm,DW6,PES all sold over 250k on PS3 and just <25k on x360

so it is not a surprise since Oblivion also sold more on x360 and Assassin's Creed sold 50k at launch in JAPAN on x360

Cyrus3654570d ago

True Tanod,

And I basically agree, but I figured GT Prologue in it's 3rd week just retail alone would do best selling (Next gen software between 360 and PS3).

I'm curious though will Assassin Creed come out on PS3 over in japan, to my knowledge it hasn't yet? And if so when?

killer_trap4570d ago

Nintendo is having problems meeting demand for the Wii. so they have been juggling shipments from Japan to north america and the opposite. so when sales decrease for the Wii in any territory it's just because of low shipment numbers.

Mr Marbles4570d ago

is why do we constantly see the Japanese chart on N4G? This is America right, so why dont we see the American chart as often as the Japanese chart? Who keeps approving this irrelivant news?

rofldings4570d ago

Actually, this site's owner is European (Norway)

Lucreto4570d ago

This is the internet so all nations of the world can use this site.

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jack who4570d ago

as a ms farm boy theres nothing Interesting bout that Side note

killer_trap4570d ago

decent ps3 sales for some time now. the problem is ps3 sales look mediocre compared to wii,DS and PSP. i wish the system would pick more sales than that.

Cyrus3654570d ago

I think you might see it pick up a bit with the release of DMC 4, which isn't available on Wii (However is with 360). Sony and PS3 need a few weeks, or every 2-3 weeks with a good must have japanese title for it to see some really nice sales over there.

Like if DMC 4, was followed 3 weeks later with MGs 4, followed by 3 weeks later with FF XIII amd then Gran Turismo 5, etc. You'd see some nice sales.

They have a DMC 4 Bundled unit which should sell some units, I think they should definitely make an MGS 4/PS3 pack in unit, and FF XII pack/in unit...

HarryEtTubMan4570d ago

lol realize its still almost double the price of the Wii... I promise things will be very different in a couple of years.

Rikitatsu4570d ago

Because its decreasing now ! its not good !!! anyone Know when Infinite Discovery will be released ? i hope it won't bomb in sales like Lost Odyessy

felman874570d ago

short of getting MH3, Kingdom Hearts and FF exclusive

360sucks4570d ago

they know garbage
when they see it

Snukadaman4570d ago

I honestly think japan is giving up on next gen...just get the handhelds and the cheaper console is what is selling now...didnt both the ps3 and 360 get a price drop in japan not too long ago?

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