New HDTV technologies coming to CES: Laser TV, OLED - Don Reisinger, 02 Jan 2008:

Are you tired of the same old plasmas, LCDs and projection HD TVs that seem to dominate your local retailer's shelves? If so, you'll be interested to know that at CES next week a whole new group of HD TV technologies are to be unveiled to whet your appetite.

According to reports, laser TV sets should finally be making a public debut with Mitsubishi having announced a formal unveiling of the technology. Beyond that, larger OLED screens are expected to make an appearance at CES. Meanwhile Pioneer will show off its new Kuro displays.

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Bonsai12144033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

If i had the money, i would buy one for myself, and leave my family with the SXRD we have now (which is a phenomenal tv, btw)

the Kuro line is the ultimate TV as of now. one draw back is that it's a plasma... oh well, if they make a LCD with the same qualities of the Kuro line, pioneer will soar passed sony and samsung as the premier tv maker..

though those OLED tv's do seem to look like they have an incredible display as well. i remember something about a ridiculous contrast ratio, like 1 million to 1 or something like that..

cjp4eva4033d ago

Yeah 1m:1 and Kuros are top of the line i was thinking about buying one too but its gonna be used for gaming 99% of the time and i dont want no burn in issues :(

gogators4033d ago

They have lost so much market share in the TV world. Their diamond series were one of the best. I am hearing these TV aren't going to be that expensive and will come in some pretty big sizes.

nanometric4033d ago

they are supposedly half cheaper per inch, then any LCD or Plazma and the picture quality is 2x than any of those

nanometric4033d ago

Can't wait when theese pupies come out, they are WAY better than any LCD or Plazma and WAY cheaper(theorethicly)