HD Collection Wishlist - What Do You Wish For?

With all these HD Collections coming out for a new generation of gamers, which are being left out of the mix that should get a fair shake?

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Wintersun6162520d ago

- Fatal Frame / Project Zero trilogy
- TimeSplitters 1-3
- Final Fantasy XII
- Black
- Burnout 1-3 & Revenge, or just 3 & Revenge

Also I would personally enjoy getting trophies for GTA 3-SA & Bully but I can currently play them on my PC in HD.

mirumu2519d ago

Odin Sphere, GrimGrimoire, Okami, Persona 3 & 4. I'd also like to see Konami redo Silent Hill 2 & 3 given the problems with the current HD collection.

Unfortunately I can understand why none of these are likely to happen.

will_c_752519d ago

Fire pro wrestling returns with mp and 60fps