The Original 151 Pokemon According To My Mom

An editor on shows his mother the sprites for the original 151 Pokemon and sees what she thinks their names are.

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CrimsonEngage2450d ago

She must think they are all aliens (hence zoids) or Dinosaurs(hence saurs) after most all of the them. lol

I cant's stand pokemon anymore. The last PM game i owned was yellow on gameboy. There are way to many. Long live the first generation!

TheSuperior 2450d ago

lol i wonder how many my mom would get? i am going to tr this test on her later and see how it turns out x)

ElasticLove2450d ago

Articuno = Pidgieon
Alakazam = Bamboozlesaur
Hitmonlee = Grasshopperchu

I actually laughed at these answers.

Wintersun6162450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Me too, but this comment is hilarious.

"Cubone = Skullder, “They can’t call it a Boner.”"

Some more funny ones:

Jynx = Transvestie
Gyarados = “It’s a Chinese dragon” – Bob
Porygon = “Digimon? No, that was something else.” – Pixel

xVeZx2443d ago

that was a great read

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