Worldwide Chart for Week Ending 29th December 2007 (Updated with Japanese Numbers)

VG Chartz reports, the updated Worldwide Sales for the week ending Dec. 29th, as follows:


DS: 1, 163,851
WII: 962,683
PSP: 535,769
PS3: 448,491
PS2: 396,665
360: 337,322

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TANOD4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

expect PS3 to catch x360 this year

XMAS sales for 2007 (november --december) on a worldwide basis looks like this:-

PS3: 3,297,646

360: 3,078,406

RESULT :_ PS3 wins by 218 000 units. CONGRATS PS3 for the victory


NOTE :- even with the inflated x360 NA and FRANCE numbers PS3 beats it by 200+k


with MGS4 ,GT5 and FF13 that is waranteed

However i expect lot of PS2 owners to convert to PS3 when GTA4 is launched in NA

JUST to let others know that PS3 outsold x360 by as much 110 000 units in worlwdide sales last week


@goodfella and Rikiatsu --why arent u approving the thread?

CeruleanSky4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

PS2: 396,665
360: 337,322

There are more gamers buying PS2s for 130 dollars right now than 360s worldwide. Those almost 400k people could have moved to a next gen system for a low as 270 bucks and instead bought a system for these franchises/developers:

Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy
Gran Turismo
Ratchet and Clank
Jak and Daxster
Team ICO
Sly Cooper

Those games could have spent just 150 bucks more for a 360 and passed on the system. It should be obvious which system they will buy when they finally get themselves 1080p HDTVs and PS3 price cuts at 300,200, etc in the coming years.

The 360 sales in all three regions look almost exactly like last gen with the Xbox. It is hard to imagine the 360 selling better than the first Xbox almost entirely on US sales. The 360 is benefiting from the insanely high defect rate and 360 owners rebuying new models in the US hoping for a system that will stop dying but that is probably a wash with former Xbox owners passing on the 360 this gen because of hardware defects.

After Bungie,Bioware, and Bizarre left Microsoft as exclusive 360 developers for multiplatform development it pretty much just leaves Microsoft with Rare and Lionhead. Microsoft sure as hell isn't going to be attracting any of those existing 125 million PS2 owners with that anemic first party lineup over the next five years.

The Killer4036d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

y? i already explained it in my first post!
360 will be last and wii will be a strong second,
i believe wii sales will continue to be strong for another 2 years!
for 360 its only going to get worst in market share!
i will be very surprised if 360 passed 30 million console!! and i believe wii will reach up to 80 million and ps3 120+ million in its life cycle!
thats my prediction like it or not!

EDIT: 360 is being outsold by an 8 years old technology console(ps2), although 360 is entering its 3rd year, i wonder what does that indicates? is it positive signs for Devs??

Rikitatsu4036d ago

PS3 is outselling 360 2:1

i expect the trend to Continue and increase in 2008

Cyrus3654036d ago

Curious how did you arrive to the 2 to 1 Ratio PS3 is outselling 360, when it outsold by a reported 100K or so this past week.

Polluted4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I'm a bit of a Sony fanboy myself, but I don't see where you're getting this 2:1 ratio from. They sold 1.3 times as many PS3's. That's far from 2:1.

Real gamer 4 life4036d ago

oh boy the ps3 is almost outselling the 360 2 to 1 is realling looking good for sony system, eversince the price drop the ps3 has been selling very very good.

Fisher3394036d ago

ps3 and blu-ray go hand in hand, as blu-ray gets more popular more people want the ps3.
As the big ps3 games start rolling out more people know about blu-ray.

Says you4036d ago

system that doesn't work sold 17 million how come the PS3 has suddenly been beating it every week and if it did; could it have to do with that its the same people that had there system breakdown on them like the 11th time like that one article.

TANOD4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

MS sold 16m x360s to customers

BUT in essence they shipped 17.7m to RETAILERS

However X360's actual sales might be a bit lower.

Vgchartz hasnt adjusted their NA data for October and November (inflated x360 sales by 180 000 and 60 000 units for October and November respectively)

Vg also hasnt updated their x360 french sales data

x360 should be around 500 0000 and PS3 around 450 000 (jeux france and TF1 reported that SONY sold 400k PS3s back in October in France)

power of Green 4036d ago

I was wondering the same thing. Also VG-charts has been off by 20-30 thousand just in a single market alone! in the past. That was the greatest number(s) they've been off I'v seen(UNDER COUNTED THE 360 AND OVER COUNTED THE PS3).

It will never end when the news is going MSFT's way VGC is wrong, its truth when it shows the PS3 doing good.

Cyrus3654036d ago

Personally, I think the numbers are good guess-estimate, better than nothing. I'm sure there off by 10'000's +/- on all numbers, but it's still better than nothing.

VGChartz all year showed 360 out selling PS3 pretty much in all markets, and now the reserve is happening...