Jimquistition: Konami

There's something very messed up going down at Konami. Nobody knows for sure what it is, but the results are there for all to see. You might not have realized quite how bad Konami's behavior has been over the past year, but when you see the evidence in one spot, it paints a damning picture.

Konami's an absolute mess, and somebody needs to tell them before they drive their entire business into the ground.

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andron2518d ago

Not a big Jim fan, but he's right about Konami. They a are doing a terrible job of late. Without Kojima Productions and The Metal Gear series they would be in big trouble I think.

And he didn't even mention all the overpriced DLC they are doing for some of their games, the stagnation of Pro Evo Soccer or the sub par Neverdead...