Dragon's Dogma video blow-out: Dark Souls to the tune of Dragon Age

OXM: For those of you who missed last week's shocking revelation, Matt discovered that Dragon's Dogma - aka "Japan's own Skyrim" - might actually be an awesome game. Still in the "Dragon's Whatever, amirite" camp? Watch the man's hand-crafted video preview and you might just think twice.

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RedDead2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Game deserves more hype.

Also comparing this game to SKyrim is mad, Skyrims combat system is woeful...this ones...awesome

The fact that this game lacks hype actually proves how hard new ip's have it

Flipgeneral2523d ago

one of my most anticipated games since, well, a long time!! Hopefully I will have finished The Witcher 2 before getting immersed in this gem


Ghost2502523d ago

not really cause dark souls was a new ip and sold 2 million copies, people are probably just sick of crapcoms shit. so why hype it up

ShoryukenII2522d ago

I don't consider Dark Souls to be a new IP. Starhawk is sort of a new IP though (I believe that most people playing Starhawk don't know much about Warhawk).

I am pretty excited for this game though. It caught my eye with its announcement trailer last year but it has no multiplayer... Multiplayer would work very well in this game and there is a very high demand for it.

Knowing Capcom, I feel like they will release a version without multiplayer for $60 and announce a version (new disc) with multiplayer for $40 a month later. So I think I'll wait for that.

Shivan2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

your insulting skyrim by comparing it to this, and your comparing DD by comparing it to skyrim.

They are COMPLETELY, different games, and different genres...........

If anything call DD the western monster hunter

My view on this game is I am not really interested......capcom is out of touch

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Mythicninja2523d ago

Looks interesting, but no PC version is a downer.

pr0digyZA2522d ago

Capcom have a habit of releasing PC versions later on. So I am sure it will eventually come.

Bimkoblerutso2522d ago

Game looks really, really good, surprisingly. Though, I've gotta say that Japanese developers don't really understand that just because we don't want every one of their RPG's to look like either Final Fantasy or Tales, it doesn't need to look like a generic western RPG either.

I mean yes, we Westerners loved games like Dragon Age and Skyrim, but it's still pretty widely accepted that neither game had the most awe-inspiring art styles in the world.

Regent_of_the_Mask2522d ago

This looks like it will be a flop (especially with no online co-op).

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