Angry WoW Kid Bodyslams His Mother

Apparently his mother took his World of Warcraft account away and he went insane on his mother. Is he nuts?

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pwnsause4031d ago

LMAO!!11 wow, that kid is dumb.

gamesR4fun4031d ago

kid needs to get kicked to the curb.

Winter47th4031d ago

That's fake, with all those shooting angles and the lame ending it just doesn't add up.

fury4031d ago

It's a german show where Katharina Saalfrank (that's the woman with the black hair) stands close-by and observes the whole situation and then gives suggestions on how to improve the bad relationship between children and their parents.
I can hardly believe that this is scripted. There are many guys like him here in germany.

Douche4031d ago

Noone just stands there recording something like that, and from all those different positions.

Kakkoii4031d ago

I think it's one of those TV shows where someone is sent to help out the family become better. Sorta like Nanny 911 except not just for little kids.

Darkiewonder4031d ago

a person recording,
a girl stands to watch but helps after the "mom" gets thrown to the ground. lawlz.

MK_Red4031d ago

True, pretty obvious in parts.
lol, it may be Hilary Clinton's viral marketing.

rofldings4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Nah, I remember seeing this clip before. Didn't know it was because she took away his WoW account though.

Anyway, it's some TV show called "Die Super Nanny," one of those reality TV shows, I guess.

Here's another one:

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The story is too old to be commented.