New Rez HD Screenshots

If you like a little style and originality in your first-person shooters, look no further than REZ. Brought to the Xbox 360 in an all-new HD incarnation, this classic game takes the genre to its most viscerally extremes.

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Darkiewonder4038d ago

I think i'll save my MS points for this. or was it E4 HD ;3. NO. I want the Ikaruga HD please!

power of Green 4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I don't understand the pic?. Is that person a European model or an 11 year old girl?.
Nasty none the less

heyheyhey4037d ago

i still dont get why this game is a 360 exclusive- im not saying anything bad about the 360 or anything but wasnt this game a ps2 exclusive first time around and wasnt it a sony IP? im not sure but i think it was, i guess sony sold it to someone else

InMyOpinion4037d ago

Nope. It was released for the Dreamcast & PS2. Published and developed by Sega.