Bigger, Brighter, Better Metal Gear Solid 4 Scans

This is for those who can't get enough of MGS4. These scans like the title describes are bigger, more detailed and colorful scans from some Japanese video game mag. Check'em out in the image section below!

Via Neogaf Forums

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kingboy5856d ago

GREAT, nice find !can`t wait for that new 6 minutes trailer

specialguest5856d ago (Edited 5856d ago )

scroll all the way down to reveal most of the images. im glad the game has more color than what the past trailers showed.

Yeah...i know i MSG4 is suppose to be MGS4.

EDIT: i found the direct link to the images:

image 1:

image 2:

RuffRyder5856d ago

I really want to see some gameplay, im fed up of stupid magazine scans and pre rendered trailers.

kewlkat0075856d ago

your not the only one. Thats all it's been since E3.

PS3 Ultimate5856d ago

Ok how about this. I have NOT seen anything impressive about Halo 3 and GOW!

Sphinx5856d ago

...been keeping your eyes closed.

calderra5856d ago

Besides proof the Halo 3 trailer is really realtime and playable? (from mags who saw real-time demos including firing the Assault Rifle to new angles from other bungie vids)

Besides hands-on (8v8?) multiplayer with GoW?

Besides the new Lost Oddyssey seamless transition from cinema to gameplay? Oh wait, I'm jumping ahead of myself there.

PS360PCROCKS5856d ago

Oh my gosh it's the sign of the apocalypse, this game looks GASP! No better than any other game out their, sure hope the 6 minute trailer is actual gameplay and is fantastic because if it's really anything like this, well than it's no better or worse than any game out right now. But I give it justice their magazine scans

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The story is too old to be commented.