Latest Xbox 360, Halo 3 Sales Figures Are Astounding

Microsoft announced today that it has sold more than 17.7 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide to date. Furthermore, the software giant announced that it has sold more than 8.1 million copies of Halo 3 since its launch September 25, 2007 while Mass Effect reached 1.6 million units sold in just six weeks since it went on sale!

Microsoft also reminded that Xbox 360 owners spend more on software and accessories than the other platforms, with the Xbox platform enjoying a record-high software attach rate of 6.9, according to November NPD data.

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wageslave4037d ago

Can we *please* remember this story for the next few months?

I'd really like to not have to repeat this to every sony fan on n4g for the next 10 weeks.

ISay4037d ago

i think if this teaches us any thing is that games have become so mainstream that the price should come down, halo made 33 times what it cost in 3 month

chester4037d ago

definitely agree ISay. i know profits are the name of the game, but that's ridiculous. unfortunately it won't happen because for every halo, there's a kane and lynch which costs a good amount and doesn't do jack in sales. halo is the exception. hell, even if you wanted to buy halo2 it still costs 39.99 up here in canada.

skagrerrrr4037d ago

is good, will hopefully be higher this year

Greek994037d ago

Is Halo 3 really that good? I play Halo one and didnt like as much as you guys say (Im more of a SONY guy). But Wow! 8.1 Million!! Thats crazy. Maybe Ill buy the 'ULTIMATE XBOX360' along with a copy of Halo3 and Gears of war 2(when it comes out).

ry-guy4037d ago

Also let's not forget that VG Chartz inflates Xbox 360's numbers according to most of the anti-Xbox posts.

Hmm, a quick check over there shows VG Chartz reporting the 360 has only sold just barely over 16 million units and Mass Effect has only sold 1.18 million. Yeah. VGC is all about inflating the Xbox.

Mr Marbles4037d ago

are from Microsoft dude, not vgcharts. I think Microsoft knows better than anyone what they sold.

i Shank u4037d ago

he was being sarcastic, making a point to the dummies that claim VG charts overestimates the 360, when in this case it looks like they severly Underestimated

ry-guy4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Bubbles for I shank u for seeing the thick as fog sarcasm on my above post.

Maybe next time I'll try to be even more blatant about my sarcasm.

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BIoodmask4037d ago

these are some impressive numbers. With the 360 install base approaching almost 18 million in 2 years the 360 will most likely sell far more than the original Xbox.

Not to mention with a games attach rate of almost 7 games per console, Microsoft will most likely see even greater 3rd party support for '08. They will also have great bargaining power for even more big exclusive titles bc developers will see huge returns on 360 game development.

Microsoft has definately pulled it together with the warranty program, the price cut, and the Falcon redesign. Not to mention they secured a lot of key exclusive titles for '07.

socomnick4037d ago

It is impressive especially considering it has not reached that 200 dollar sweet spot.

Anything but Cute4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

When ever a company reports, their numbers are always higher than what other records show.

At the end of last year XBOX 360 has sold 10 million they had me convinced. Again maybe they are talking about units shipped worldwide.

BloodySinner4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Stop crying.

EDIT: LMAO! Now you're quickly editing your posts? Awesome!

wageslave4037d ago

MS cant release numbers like this and "lie".

Have you ever heard of GAAP or the SEC? Corporations are held accountable to this kind of data.

If they said they've sold that many, they have. You can bank on it.

Meus Renaissance4037d ago

Duplicate story but I like this image better

Raptors4037d ago

If this was a sony story lets see how fast you would call it a duplicate. Hypocrite...

WIIIS14037d ago

On this site, Sony people are so damn afraid of good news for 360.

Meus Renaissance4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

I have reported many articles as duplicate. Show me which duplicate PS3 article that I've commented on twice.

You just give a blank statement out as if its true. It's a stone cold lie. Who do you think you are? lol Jeez

BS3: Go suck a lemon