AC3 has been in development for over three years, built by 8 studios

IncGamers: The development of Assassin's Creed 3 was hardly a secret (hell, we always knew it was a trilogy), but Ubisoft has now revealed to IncGamers that the game has been in development for over three years. By the time the game comes out later this year, that'll be closer to four years.

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c1oudy2522d ago

This sounds absolutely amazing, looking forward to it.

Relientk772522d ago

That sounds like they really put a lot of work into the development of this game. I cannot wait to play it. I hope its as good as Assassins Creed 2 or better.


yaz2882522d ago

why AC2? brotherhood and Revelation were much better ..

jut4202522d ago

Brotherhood and Revelations seemed more like expansion packs to me. ACII was such a huge improvement over AC that it made improvements in Brotherhood and Revelations seem minor. At least, that's the way I feel about it and why I consider ACII to be the best in the series. The original AC is still my favorite though.

kevnb2522d ago

ill get it the minute it comes out for pc.

Voxelman2522d ago

I wonder if they will manage a simultaneous launch this time. Or will they delay it again

360GamerFG2522d ago

AC -> AC II = The greatest improvement in a game this gen. I was floored by AC II. Brotherhood and Revelations were pretty meh in comparison.
Here's hoping III is as big a leap as II was, or at least close.

pr0digyZA2522d ago

I wasn't expecting as big a leap from AC2 to the other two because they seemed like expansion packs, with minor improvements (they were certainly lengthy and very good quality). AC3 seems like a big leap because they have been working on it the whole time and with a new setting and main character, it looks to easily be the best one. I can't wait to see some footage.

Redempteur2522d ago

the leap with AC & AC2 was spectacular ( only uncharted 2 did better )and while AC3 seems pretty much perfect/impressive i'm not sure they'll succeed in doing a leap as big ..

kevnb2522d ago

I really liked uncharted 1, thought it did some things better than the other 2.

Baka-akaB2522d ago

the leap is already that big ... regardless of the game being as good or better (or gasp bad) . Most franchise do shift the gameplay as much as the three mais AC titles .

And yeah i was expecting nothing from AC Brotherhood and Revelation than more of the same , with different content . it was no secret that's why they existed .

matt19912522d ago

Doesn't every company say this?

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The story is too old to be commented.