Diablo III will be, almost certainly, the next project of Blizzard

One of the most important Spanish (and european) web of videogames, has published the next (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):

"No, there is no official confirmation by Blizzard at this moment, but the hints that show Diablo III will be his next project are becoming very obvious (remember that something similar happened in the months preceding announcement of StarCraft II).

The new signs are as follows: on the one hand it was learnt that the Blizzard acquired a few days ago the domain (the proof: and on the other hand, makes few hours web leads all Database Officer Fansites Blizzard (everything is done in it is authorized by Blizzard) has added a dedicated space for Diablo III (you have a snapshot of that site at the foot of the news).

No more to tell for now, everyone must draw their own conclusions. We will continue to report."

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shadowfish4569d ago

I've been waiting for Diablo III forever! DIablo II was such a great game, if they really are working on it, i hope it is as good as Diablo II!

Charlie26884569d ago

I think its pretty obvious that is not a matter of "IS there gonna be a Diblo 3?" and more of a "WHEN is gonna Diablo 3 be announced and released"...its a no brainer pretty much like StarCraft 2 is and Warcraft 4 is going to be

Thank god for Iron Lore and their Titan Quest or I would have died a long time ago waiting for Diablo 3 :P

DeckUKold4569d ago

played diablo II as long as Super Smash Bros Melee FINALLY i wont keep wanting.

Genki4569d ago

Diablo I and II absolutely rocked, but after a while, they both(ESPECIALLY 2) became a redundant treasure hunt. Problem was that by the time you got whatever you were looking for, you were too god-like for anything to compete with you anyway, even in the cow level. It became pointless, and left me feeling very empty when I finally decided to quit.

Beyond the awesome upgrade and customization the franchise is famous for, they should expand upon the challenges and multiplayer activities you can partake in.

Mindlessly grinding bosses and cow levels got old...

Tyrael4569d ago

Yeah, I will give Diablo 1 and 2 the only games to have held my attention for the greater part of a decade. Not much new to report here in this story, but any news is enough to stir up excitement.

Diablo 3 is gonna be huge. And I want it. Now.

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The story is too old to be commented.