Girls Gone WoW - The New Battle of the Sexes

GameAlmighty's Trina Williams writes, "If a girl walks into a classroom or a store in America she's not likely to hear guys yelling about how hot she is or ask her about her bra size. Social norms would clearly define that behavior as unacceptable and rude. So what makes it okay to do this in Azeroth?"

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perseus4571d ago's just that the world is full of socially retarded cowards who use the internet (and multiplayer games) as places to say things they would never have the courage to say in real life.

See? I just did it there.

Noooo...wait. I've said that in real life, too. But I think you get the point.

Sam Fisher4570d ago

if u see me online i dont disrespect females at all in matter in matter of fact i act polite instead of that...... i mean come on if u dont have a girl... then go get 1... have the balls to go to a girl 4 1s

Rice4571d ago

lol, i wanna make a girl character, and have a girl name, and see what happens.

Chris_GTR14570d ago

well, arent you missing the point? everyone knows only the biggest of losers play WoW... what do u expect to hear from them?

Rooted_Dust4570d ago

Wow is just a game like any other game, so calling people who play it losers is kinda like calling yourself a loser, isn't it? Behavior in WoW is typical of all Online games, like Halo, when women are present. There is a fraction of people who only behave because they fear reprisal or punishment. Unlike the real world there is infinitely less risk acting like this online, so the people who were inhibited are now free to act out how they really feel. This isn't typical behavior of all people who chat or play online.

Fresh4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

They sound like a bunch of geeks and losers to me,instead of feeling hurt or insulted by them,you should feel sorry for them really.

Maya4570d ago

It happens in real life as well. Only it's rather rare because it takes one to be single minded and reckless as well as feeling absolutely secure about the social consequences. What does that show us? There are a way more single minded and reckless males that act like that when social consequences in online gaming are almost non existent.