[H] - NVIDIA Roadmap Outline for 1H08

[H]ard|OCP serves up a glimpse into the NVIDIA GeForce GPU cycle for early 2008. Some will laugh, some will cry, and some will wonder "WTF?"

While the successors to NVIDIA's 8 series cards will be releasing within the coming months, [H]ard|OCP had this to say: " it looks right now, we should not expect anything out of NVIDIA in terms of next-gen technology at least until mid-2008. Don't be confused by the new "98XX" model numbers as they don't signify much more than the die shrink to 65nm."

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mighty_douche4031d ago

Pretty boring uninformative read....

heyheyhey4031d ago

those cards suck- where is my 1gig of vram? where is my 1ghz clock speed?i wanna max out crysis- is that too much to ask for?