Use Your Laptop as a free Xbox Wi-Fi Adapter

So your router and Xbox 360 are on completely opposite sides of your home, running a long, ugly wire along the floor is out of the question, and you don't feel like dropping $100 on an Xbox Wi-Fi adapter?

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Darkiewonder4030d ago

I set up my 360 to connect directly to my laptop that used wifi and it worked perfectly. and now this article appears! o.o

kcdude4030d ago

Yeah really, I've had Xbox Live for about a month now, haven't got a chance to buy the wifi adapter. Anyway, I too have been using my laptop as the internet connection. I'm sure hundreds of people do this, so it's not really new news in my opinion.

wil4hire4030d ago

Oh wait. nm

Just follow these easy 59 steps.

God you guys have been getting owned every single day since november of last y ear.

cow moolester4030d ago

Your right...the console that has outsold the Ps3 nearly every week since release is getting owned...

Xbox is the BEST4030d ago

Wi-Fi. PS#3 built in and slow as hell to down load.

BloodySinner4030d ago

You paid $600 for a machine with no decent software to back it up. Now THAT's ownage.

pswi604030d ago

people obviously forget the tons of AAA ps2 games that were readily playable when the ps3 released, not to mention several psn titles, and now uncharted. my xbox with gears/halo sits around while i play my ps3 constantly.

sinner why dont you buy a ps3 and then talk about software? cause anymore thats all someone needs to say and i already know they dont own a ps3

aba4029d ago

Yeah and it felt great to open my PS3 and NOT have a ethernet cable or headset. THAT is getting owned, Sony=cheap bastards.

dantesparda4026d ago

yeah you're right, cuz it feels even greater to buy a $400system and then have it break down (RROD) 80 days later!

And to Bloodyperiod,
The PS3 has well over a hundred-something games by now (estimating), while the 360 has around over 200-something games. So the PS3 is producing games at about the same rate as the 360. So give it a rest with that fanboy sh!t

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ASSASSYN 36o4030d ago

I did this the first day I got my laptop by accident. I was just trying to connect my media to my 360. A kablooeee I was Online.

WilliamRLBaker4030d ago

not only do u have to turn on ICS *inferior crap* its a laptop!? your using a big honking laptop to connect to ur about you just get a Wireless ethernet bridge...from linksys or dlink...ect

they all work with 360.

Evil Rant Monkey4030d ago

but it must suck to carry that giant piece of garbage around with you.


it dosnt get much more last gen than that.ps3 has wi fi built in the console.give me a break.PLAY B3YOND!

shadowfish4030d ago

Comment like these gave you 1 bubble. 1% will actually read your comment, I am a PS3 fan, but I don't badmouth the Xbox360. Here I was helping them, giving them an alternate solution to buying a WiFi card.

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