The Next Gen Console Wars - Are Gamers Still Loyalists?

Dkpatriarch writes, "Ah the good ol' console wars. I remember the ancient battles between the Sega fans and the Nintendo fans. Then the Sony fans versus the Nintendo fans (the Sega side had of course withdrawn from the war after the ill-fated Dreamcast). Then the Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo conflict, (with some PC loyalists thrown in for good measure) which still rages today, in the great Next-Gen War. Of course 'next gen' is now 'This Gen' but the marketing gurus all thought 'next gen' was the way to talk about this coming era in gaming."

"The truth now is that many gamers are no longer loyalists; the more affluent or lucky among us have multiple consoles and brightly claim that we are Swiss; we don't take sides and we like the games more than the platform anyway. We can be wooed by any of the sides and are attracted to all of them, given the right incentive. There are still 'xbots', for example, and there are 'real gamers'…..real gamers supposedly being those who support all consoles and the PC too."

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cow moolester4037d ago

Whoever wrote this article has obviously never had the pleasure of meeting TANOD or Zhuk :)

TANOD has this mysterious fanboy power about him that no other has....he can turn any article into a Console War...I heard he posted 360 sales numbers from Amazon Japan in a Nicole Kidman fansite forum....needless to say, 12 people died.

Zhuk is just delusional.He has convinced himself that the 360 is "The most advanced piece of technology in the world"...Tell that to my 3 year old PC with 4 times the RAM of the 360 and lasts more than a year.


EZCheez4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Too funny.

Every time I read one of their posts, I die a little inside too.

EDIT- I have to add this. My wife just got an 879 note streak in Rock Band on the drums. She's better at the game than I am.

Rattles4036d ago


yea i didint disagree with you. lol

macalatus4036d ago

Someone should give the author an invitation to join, and see the wonderful art of inter-console fanboy diplomacy.

wiizy4036d ago

yes ...glad to see nintendo back on top where they belong.. and them bringing in new gamers... videogames is huge right now

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