A year in Xbox 360 failures: 2007 Edition

Joystiq enters 2008 with the current lifetime Xbox 360 failure rate standing at almost 100% -- Joystiq currently have one last man's console standing.

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Spike474031d ago

360 fanboys are tired of seeing this news if u can call it that.

just like ps3 owners are tired of their system geting bashed.

the solution is in the hands of sony and ms.

TheXgamerLive4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

That's why he jumped on something that's not even news. This is just pathetic.

They don't want to speak on the fantastic service MS provided and that the RRoD has been fixed and is "no more". The system is now whisper quiet, runs extremely cool, almost room temp. and is the same ass kicking console it always has been.

shadowfish4031d ago

Yes, I am a Sony fan, but I do not do fanboyish things (i.e. Talking about this game that you don't have etc. etc.) To be honest, I wish all gamers could just get along, I posted this news because I thought it would be of interest of the general public.

TheXgamerLive4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I don't think so.

I mean "do you want more sony posts regarding how it's the Delaystation 3", or "How it has NO games to play that are good", or How it's just a big ugly looking george foreman grill", or "how sony has screwed you all into paying so much for a mediocre at best gaming console", or "how sony promissed you 4D gaming and can barely make a game period much less 4D", or "how sony promissed 120 FPS easily and Uhhhh".

I can easily go on and on about sony and the ps3 and it's inherent weaknesses.

So if ya got nothing good to say and your not a supposed basher, then shut the hell up.

Neurotoxin4031d ago

Sorry mate this is just adding petrol to the flames.

This is going to kick off in a moment.

Microsoft fans don`t get defensive you have a great console, enjoy it, and if it breaks send it back, no big deal.

PS3 owners enjoy your consoles.

Genki4031d ago

these are first hand accounts of a distinct issue. This sort of thing can be proven with hard evidence. Every little thing you just listed truly is inflammatory and beyond that it's entirely SUBJECTIVE. Don't try to play the high and mighty because all of that crap you just listed is exactly what you're supposedly against.

Yeah, this RRoD thing is largely a thing of the past, but if you really have a problem with it, talk to Microsoft. No matter how aggravating this thing gets, your whining, complaining, and pretending that the RRoD is somehow Sony's fault doesn't change the fact that it's a direct result of Microsoft's mishaps.

We're all sick of the fanboy flamebait nonsense, but this is one thing you can't blame on anyone but the company. You may construe it as flamebait, but it is indeed factual. Anyone who has to go through it(particularly several times) has every right to voice their displeasure about it and most importantly inform potential consumers. Heck, as an XBox fan, you should actually be glad that it's gotten as much publicity as it has, if not more.

Who knows if this Falcon model would have even existed by now if reports weren't as widespread as they are. Same goes for Sony. They need to get their act together in the marketing department, and lackluster sales of some pretty good games support this(IMO). PSN is another issue as well, so is the release of Home. We all want our consoles to a bit better, but until they get that way...expect to keep hearing about missteps that are a direct result of the COMPANY'S plans, and blaming any group of fanboys certainly won't change that.

TheXgamerLive4031d ago

Same w/the ps3, if anyone ever uses theirs that much in 2 years.

Genki4031d ago

I can't imagine these folks have theirs on quite that much though. This may be their job, but like any other, it has specific hours, and I doubt they leave their machines on after hours.

Personally, I do have my PS3 on 24/7, but that's for folding purposes. I don't buy into the "it's a computer!" propaganda, but I have to admit that it's been about as reliable as one in this regard. I certainly HOPE it doesn't fail as a result of this, but again, it is a possibility.

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Neurotoxin4031d ago

I do feel sorry for you 360 owners. I just hope that your 360 has a long and happy life.

chrno64031d ago

Although 360 does have a really high failure rate, this is getting old :/

Mikey_Gee4031d ago


the new 360's with Falcon boards (and even a bit before) , but mainly the falcons are ROCK SOLID, dead quiet and run cool.

Guwapo774031d ago

That isn't entirely correct. Falcon's have the same problem as the rest of the Xbox SKUs. I wish it didn't as I would own one right now. I can't see myself buying a huge library of games and then bam...3 years 0 months 0 days 0 hours 0 mins 1 sec my system fails. Then MS would want to charge me for repair knowing it was faulty from the start. This is the ONLY reason why I don't own one. I hoped the Falcon was the saving grace...but it isn't. The problem lies in more than just heat...if MS will ever tell us the has yet to be seen.

shadowfish4031d ago


Have you even read the article, it dosn't say the ENTIRE xbox360 failure rate is 100%. Please reread the article.

Neurotoxin4031d ago

Look dude i`m sure you didn`t mean to cause any animosity with the news but anything to do with Failure rates on 360 is going to cause i stir on here lol.

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