The Number One Way to Ruin a Game

PS Analog writes, "The number one way to ruin a good game for me is to add trophies."

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Bagogames2519d ago

I hate it when there is that one near impossible trophy preventing me from achieving a platinum, and I mean HATE it. Otherwise I wholly think trophies are a great benefit, and if certain games were granted full trophy patches I would go back and play them again.

FriedGoat2519d ago

I agree, There is no bad side to trophies, they can only add more to a game.

kza2519d ago

U say theres no bad side LOL go play Hanna Montanna JUST for trophies, thats when trophies get out of hand and abit sad imo.

kza2519d ago

Addict i bet u have Hannah Montanna and Terminator plats. THATS the bad side of trophies.

FriedGoat2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Look at what i said. Why trophy hunt if you don't like them? If trophies arent there you have nothing to complain about. If they are, then its an extra bonus. No downside.
People Disagreeing are morons. I don't understand, If i release a game with 10 objectives and no trophies they are saying that a game with 10 objectives and 15 trophies isn't advantageous?
More Content is NEVER a downside.

PS-Analog2519d ago

Trophies can add to games. But sometimes they take away the fun and that defeats the purpose of a game. We like to get the trophies but when they make trophies just to prolong a game with meaninless trophies then it gets a bit tedious.

Ilovetheps42519d ago

I think that if you don't like trophies, then just ignore them. If you don't enjoy a game that much, there is no reason to go for platinum. Trophies are just there to allow you to get more out of a game. Video games are expensive and I love trophies because I'm able to play a game much longer. But if trophies are taking away the fun of a game, don't go for the trophies and ignore them.

CarlitoBrigante2519d ago

How can trophies take away the fun? You don't have to get trophies in order to play or finish your games.

admiralvic2519d ago

@ CarlitoBrigante

That's not true. Some games like MAG are several times worse because there are trophies. Countless times you will see people do whatever they please for a trophy. This includes allowing enemies to win, trying to stay alive, team killing, and much more. Even a few people trying for a trophy can ruin the experience.

This is also true for a lot of online experiences.

Demo 2.0 caused people to focus on blowing up buildings in Bad Company 2.
Medal / Awards cause people to play differently to achieve them. This is very common in games like Section 8.
Level forces a lot of people to start boosting the online. Some games like Quantum Theory is literally impossible to platinum without boosting.
Leaderboard trophies cause some people to be greedy and lock others out. This was true for Fight Night and others try to glitch the board to a point where it's impossible to do legit.

Trophies like this definately cause people to find the online far worse. Even simple things like "Win 3 fights in a row" in a fighting game, can cause people to play the cheapest fighters doing the cheapest things. While you might not care, simply having someone who does can ruin your fun.

AusRogo2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Such as Resistance FoM!

@bagogames I mean as in id go back and play it if they bought out trophies for it.. But yes I agree about trophies like that.

Bagogames2519d ago

And Killzone 2. Anything trophy that relies on the online community to remain active is a poor decision.

Ilovetheps42519d ago

Yeah Bagogames, I haven't bought SSX yet. But I believe there is a trophy where you have to go on a mountain with 50K people. That will most likely be impossible if I buy the game this summer. Luckily I got the KZ2 online trophies the first week it was out.

Ilovetheps42519d ago

I love trophies because they give me replayability and objective. After I beat a game I used to either put it back on the shelf or play through the game again. But now, instead of just playing through a game again, I am encouraged to go back and 100% a game making the game last longer. I enjoy trophies personally. But if I don't like a game I'm not going to play it just to platinum it.

tarbis2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Lol! Why do you look at the trophies before starting a game when you don't care about them? That's just stupid.
What ruins a game is not trophies but episodic dlcs. That's pure crap. Why do I need to buy a dlc about someone's past or an epilogue just to know what the gang's been up to after the game when it should be included in the game right away?

Tzuno2519d ago

true, some achievements and trophies just make you loose time and fun.

MysticStrummer2519d ago

Trophies and Achievements both give the illusion that we're getting more content when it seems to me that we're actually getting less content these days. I don't hate them, but I see them as a cheap illusion and I don't care about getting them at all.

Kaos_Vll2519d ago

FINALLY! I can't believe how many suckers have been fooled into thinking that Trophies and Achievements add ANYTHING to a game when in reality they add NOTHING.

The very things you do to earn a trophy use to earn you a costume or a weapon or SOMETHING USEFUL IN-GAME. Now all you get is a ding and have to pay(dlc) to get what used to be included to give you a reason to go back and play.

Leave it to this gen of gamers to praise something that takes content away from the game and adds NOTHING.

You people need to wake up and realize you are being ripped off not rewarded.

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