American Chart for Week Ending 29th December 2007

VGChartz Reports the Weekly sales for week ending Dec 29th, 2007 were as follows:

DS: 443,046 (-52%)
WII: 325,762 (-56%)
360: 188,145 (-50%)
PS2: 153,047 (-50%)
PSP 150,238 (-46%)
PS3 143,771 (-35%)

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rofldings4034d ago

Wish they'd add the Japanese numbers already, on vgchartz for week of 29th ... for epic victory.

Cyrus3654034d ago

Yeah it now has all the software sales, and such, and more accurate Ps2 sales appearently.

What was reported earlier was just hardware on the front page, this break downs everything.

INehalemEXI4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

No More Heroes and Rygar and SSBB are worthy of that slice.

Disagree you may but .....Pie don't Lie =)

Filanime034034d ago

Dang wat a drop off on all sales. PS3 and 360 are only 40k difference in console sales.

HarryEtTubMan4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

HAHAHA And this is the only place in the world they are even winning... which will chage... I hope they release a HDDVD thing so they have t compete at the same price. It will be suicide.

ahahah PS3 sales already at 9 million... PS3 is gonna win in the long run... it's never gonna stop fighting

sO WHAT ARE U TRYING TO SAY? THAT THE 360 DIDNT JUST BRAELY WIN BY 40,000? AND THAT THE PS3 WINS IN ALL OF EUROPE AND JAPAN? AND EVEN ASIA AND NEW ZEALAND AND TIES IN AUSTRALIA????? (Keep in mind its way more expensive) What the crap are u talking about. the PS3 is ourselling the 360 almost EVERYWHERE in the world... It outsold it in worldwide sales last week... this week it will again(look at post # 5 u dont cvnt) Yea I think before I type. I typee the truth.
IF MICROSFT ADDS HD DVD THEY WILL GET TRASHES(they are gona lose either way)

ha what I say is true. PS3 is already winning everywhere. If u dont like it I dont care. I'm stating the truth.

bozobucketeer4034d ago

Do you think before you talk or do you just let your fingers move and see what comes out?

strongbad14414034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

You should really shut up.

I see you as the Playstation equivalent of TheMart, which bites as I am a devoted fan of all things Playstation.

I hope that was Tubman disagreeing with me, because I really can't find anything else that CAN be disagreed with.

Antan4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Interesting worldwide sales if you hit the link.

DS, 903,959 (-) 64,585,297
WII, 609,917 (-) 19,203,390
PS3, 390,585 (-) 8,861,659
PS2, 375,719 (-) 114,886,925
PSP, 334,931 (-) 29,597,566
360, 330,300 (-) 16,023,566
GBA, 47,236 (-) 79,546,413
GC, 2,415 (-) 21,512,362

Well done MS on reaching the 16m figure. PS3 doing good business
it seems (VG Charts being what they are of course!).

Greek994034d ago

Ps3 beat xbox 360 by 60k on worldwide sales. Not bad. Good news for the PS3 i think...or bad. But the wii is still strong. I really dont care who wins the war. Its pointless to me. As long as I get to play the games i want, its all good. No need to be a fanboy.

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The story is too old to be commented.